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Hudson County Newspapers

The Bergen County Gazette and Jersey City Advertiser, weekly, was established in 1830 by E. B. Spooner, son of the editor of the Long Island Star. It was printed in Hackensack. He soon abandoned the enterprise, and his brother George, afterward of the Saratoga Whig, took it in charge. It existed but a few months.

The Bergen County Courier, weekly, was first issued Feb. 1, 1832. It was printed in Jersey City by John Post and Joseph E. Handley. They not only furnished the matter, but printed and distributed the paper. Enterprise and economy were not, however, equal to the occasion, and the paper died Nov. 14, 1832, with the forty-second number. Part of its material went to the outfit of the Philadelphia Ledger.

The Jersey City Gazette and Bergen County Courier, semi-weekly, was first issued Feb. 11, 1835, by Robert W. Lang, son of the editor of the New York Gazette. The paper was printed at No. 2 Hanover Square, New York City, and was burnt out in the great fire of December, 1835.

The Jersey Blue and Bergen County Democrat, weekly, was established in July, 1835; burnt out August 8, 1838. It was published in Hoboken by Childs & Devoe.

The Jersey City Advertiser and Bergen Republican, semi-weekly, was first issued December 2, 1837; Henry D. Holt, editor. It became a weekly December 14, 1838. When Hudson County was set off from Bergen, its name was changed to the Jersey City and Hudson Republican. It united with the Sentinel in 1848.

The Jersey City Democrat, weekly, was first issued May 14, 1842; M. Cully, editor. It suspended January 15, 1848.

The Morning Sentinel., daily, was first issued August 23, 1845; Mr. Reynolds and Luther A. Pratt, editors. It united with the Jersey City Advertiser and Hudson Republican in 1848, and was thence known as the Sentinel and Advertiser.

The Daily Evening Sentinel was established in December, 1844; Luther A. and William W. Pratt, Publishers.

The Jersey City Telegraphy semi-weekly, was first issued March 15, 1847: John H. Voorhis, editor. It became a daily: suspended June 25, 1851; John A. Ryerson, editor. Its materials went to the outfit of the American Standard.

The Hudson County Union, weekly, was first issued August 12, 1852; A. R. Speer, editor; became a daily January 24, 1854; S. P. Hull and William T. Rodgers, jr., editors; suspended in June, 1854. Its materials went to the outfit of the Hudson County Democrat.

The Hoboken Gazette, weekly was first issued September 12, 1853: Thomas W. Whitley, editor. Became a semi-weekly in February 1855; a daily in August 1855, and suspended in October, 1855.

The Hudson County Democrat, weekly, was established in September, 1854; Augustus O. Evans, editor; published in Hoboken; became a daily in 1859.

The Jersey City Courier, weekly, was first issued August 1, 1855; William B. Dunning and H. F. Milligan, editors. In a short time it became a daily; merged with the Sentinel and Advertiser in Jan., 1856; thence known as the Courier and Advertiser: suspended in May, 1861. In connection with this paper was a weekly, the Hudson County Courier and Advertiser: suspended in 1861.

The City Gazette and Hudson County Chronicle and Cultivator, Thomas W. Whitley, editor, was issued for a short time after the suspension of the Hoboken Gazette. When this paper suspended, the same editor, having been elected a justice of the peace, brought out a few numbers of the Circuit Judge.

The Hoboken City Standard, weekly, was first issued October 9, 1856; P. M. Reynolds, editor.

The American Standard, daily, arose from the ashes of the Daily Telegraph, and was first issued August 8, 1859, by Metz & Brother. John H. Lyon became proprietor October 14, 1859. It is published in Jersey City.

The People's Advocate, daily, was established by John C. Clarke & Co. It was published in Jersey City, and merged in the Jersey City Times.

The Jersey City News, weekly, was established in 1854 by Daniel E. Gavitt. It existed about one year.

The Jersey City Herald, weekly, was first issued July 19, 1864, by Hugh McDermott. It merged with the Hudson City Gazette.

Jersey City Times, daily, was first issued September 14, 1864; Z. K. Pangborn, editor; changed to a weekly November 8, 1873.

The Evening Journal, daily, was first issued May 2, 1867. It is published in Jersey City by Z. K. Pangborn, Wm. B. Dunning and Joseph A. Dear.

The Hudson City Gazette was established in March, 1867; William D. McGregor, editor. It merged with the Jersey City Herald.

Jersey City Chronicle, semi-weekly, was first issued February 14, 1863, by Davidson & Colston; discontinued August 24, 1864, and merged in the Jersey City Times.

The Hudson County Volksblatt, weekly, was established in 1868; published in Hudson City by Dietz & Timm.

The Bayonne Herald and Greenville Register Weekly, was first issued December 25, 1869; Roswell Graves, editor. It is published at Bergen Point.

Hudson County Journal, weekly (German), was first issued December 19, 1868; published in Hoboken by Rabe & Bayer, now Bayer and Kaufmann.

Jersey City Herald and Gazette, weekly, was established in 1870 by McDermott & McGregor. It was the result of the merging of the Jersey City Herald and Hudson City Gazette.

Hudson County Register, weekly, was first issued July 23, 1870, at West Hoboken, by Peter Y. Everett, editor.

Palisade News, weekly, was first issued August 6, 1870, at West Hoboken, by Alfred E. Gregory, editor.

Hudson County Times, weekly, was established in August, 1870; published at Bergen Point by the Times Printing Company of Jersey City, now by Edward Gardner.

Die Wacht am Hudson, weekly, was established in 1871; published in Jersey City by the Hudson County German Publishing Association.

Highland Sentinel, weekly, was first issued March 29, 1873, at West Hoboken; Joseph Paul Bugie, editor.

Hudson County Independent, weekly, was first issued May 3, 1873, at Hoboken, by Augustus O. Evans, editor. It had but a brief existence.

Dispatch, weekly, was established in 1873; published at East Newark by Trelease, Simmonds & Co.

The Evening Palisades, daily, was first issued June 30, 1873, at West Hoboken, by the Palisades Publishing Society.

Source: A Brief History of New Jersey, by Edward S. Ellis, A.M. and Henry Snyder, American Book Company, 1910.

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