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First Company, Second Regiment in Somerset Brigade

While Muster Rolls of soldiers in the militia of New Jersey of later date than the Revolution are of less general interest than those pertaining to the War of 1776-'83, yet they have often some interest to descendants of such militiamen. Accordingly we may publish some from time to time.

Captain, Daniel Melick
Lieutenant, William Fulkerson
Sergeants, William Smith, Martin Bunn, Gilbert Blair

Date, 1806


Jacob Barker
Hugh Barkley
Peter Blair
Philip Case
Josiah Cole
Aaron Crook
Alexander Dawson
Hardenberg Dow
Henry Dow
John Dumond
Richard Duyckinck
William Duyckinck
Daniel Henry
Enoch Hunt
Stephen Hunt
John Irvine
Archibald Kennedy
Derrick Lane
Guisbert Lane
John Lane
John McBride
Aaron Melick
Stephen D. Minton
Annanias Mulford
Charles Ogden
Isaac Powelson
John Powelson
Henry Quick
Benjamin Sigelear
William Simpson
Harry Sloan
Joseph Smith
Stoffel Thorp
David Todd
William Todd
William Van Arsdale
Harris Van Kirk
Cornelius Van Nest
Jeremiah Voorhees

New Jersey AHGP

Source: Proceedings of the New Jersey Historical Society, New Series, Volume VII, 1922


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