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Distinguished Clergymen of New Jersey

By Frank H. Stewart

Rev. Andrew Hunter, Chaplain of Militia and the Continental Army during the Revolution, participated in the tea burning episode at Greenwich, Cumberland County, N. J., Nov. 22, 1774. At the battle of Monmouth he was complimented for his conduct by General Washington.

After the Revolution he was pastor of the Presbyterian Church at Woodbury. He was one of the founders and Principal of the Woodbury Academy. From 1788 to 1804 he was a trustee of Princeton College and from 1804 to 1808 professor of astronomy and mathematics. His first wife, Ann Riddell, is buried in the Presbyterian graveyard at North Woodbury, near the street.

Rev. John Croes was born at Elizabethtown, June 1st, 1762. He was a Revolutionary soldier and a friend of Rev. Nicholas Collin, rector of Trinity Church of Swedesboro. January 24th, 1790, he received an invitation to succeed Dr. Collin at a salary of 125 pounds specie per annum. The invitation was signed by:

Isaac Vanneman
George Van Leer
Mounce Keen
William Matson
Peter Lock
David Hendrickson
William Homan
Gideon Denny
Andrew Hendrickson
Charles Lock

In 1802 he left Swedesboro and became pastor of a church at New Brunswick. In 1815 he was elected the first Bishop of P. E. Church of New Jersey. He died July 30th, 1832.

Rev. Nathaniel Evans, Clergyman and Poet, was born June 8th, 1742. He lived in Old Gloucester County and preached at Gloucester. He died Oct. 29th, 1767.

His poems were published in Philadelphia in 1772.

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Distinguished Clergymen, New Jersey Society of Pennsylvania, Volume 1, Compiled by Frank H. Stewart, 1917


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