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Camden, Camden County, New Jersey

Camden, with a population in 1905 of 83,363, ranks fourth among the cities of New Jersey. Its situation as regards Philadelphia is similar to that of Jersey City in relation to New York.

For more than a century Camden was a drowsy hamlet, content to slumber in the shadow of the city across the river, that had once been the most populous in the Union and the capital of the young Republic. But the construction of the Camden and Amboy railroad, the West Jersey system, the Camden and Atlantic, and other railway lines gave an impetus to settlement and enterprise, and Camden soon took rank among the most prosperous cities in the State.

It has extensive iron works, shipyards, cotton and woolen mills, and many manufacturing interests. It was chartered in 1828, when its population was less than 3000.

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Source: A Brief History of New Jersey, by Edward S. Ellis, A.M. and Henry Snyder, American Book Company, 1910.

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